The Most Joy


Things that give me the most joy:

-creating music
-observing others in flow
-feeling the spirit in church and moved to act
-feeling the spirit in conversation and enlightened in thought and word
-connecting with people and learning from them
-seeing the happiness and success of my loved ones
-sharing the gospel and baring testimony
-helping my loved ones feel loved and appreciated
-helping those in need
-doing something new and different
-making others smile and laugh
-writing ad documenting my life
-sharing insight
-sharing of self and possessions



Screen Shot 2013-10-15 at 3.13.05 PM
It starts with just a little spark
A tiny flame within the dark
Enough to light the world around
After doubt our faith is found
It stands for things we do not know
Belief in what we cannot show
But shown by what we do instead
For faith without one’s works is dead
It strives to make a better place
For those among the human race
Impartial to one’s current state
Faith turns something good to great
It wants for those to do their best
And trust that God will do the rest
Once stretched beyond your farthest length
Your faith will be your greatest strength
It fills one’s soul with truth and love
To give all thanks to God above
If life has been this good so far
With faith you’re sure to reach the stars
For that is what we’re meant to do
To be someone you never knew
Becoming better in some way
Faith is you, you are your faith



Doors of Opportunity

 In the last couple years I have seen how opportunity presents itself. Opportunity first presents itself as a result of desire. If I have no desire to seek out new and different outcomes, how could anything be a true opportunity? The desire to find opportunity is a desire to learn and grow. Opportunity is the door to greatness and therefor presents itself as a door.

Different Doors

There are many different types of doors. The status of the doors of opportunity is always variable to timing and “fit”. Many doors are open and have been open for quite some time. Some doors are closed and just need to be opened. Other times, the doors remain locked and can’t be unlocked until the timing is right. Some doors are opened and for whatever reason we find that it may not have been the right door. Then there are the “new” doors, or doors that have just been unlocked or opened a crack. These doors are the doors of opportunity

 Follow the Doors

The doors of opportunity open up rooms of adventure and excitement. If you seize the opportunity, these doors will open and unlock new doors. A life blessed with opportunity doesn’t end with a room. There is always a door around the corner. All you have to do is open it. Follow the doors.

My Greatest Goal

My greatest goal

Upon finding this video I began to reflect on the importance of the role of the father. A good father teaches his children to be the best they can be and motivates them to make the right choices. Being a good father is one who not only provides for his family, but is one that gives his full heart to the growth and success of his children. I am so grateful for a father who raised me to believe in myself and teach my to seek after all that is good.

My greatest goal in life is to be the best dad that I can be. I am so excited to be a dad and participate in God’s greatest gift. I am preparing myself so when that day comes I am ready. In preparation I wrote a letter to my future eternal companion. This is an excerpt:

“I haven’t met you yet because I am not ready. I have felt so strongly in the last couple months a prompting that I need to become a man. At times I have misinterpreted these feelings by thinking I need to get eat a dozen eggs, learn to box, chop down a tree, or grow facial hair, but deep down I know what it really means. It means that I need to be the man that can one day have the privilege and blessing of taking care of a beautiful daughter of God. This man is a righteous priesthood holder who prioritizes his duty to God high above anything else. This man will do anything for the love of his life and for his family. This man is an amazing father who provides true security and welfare to his wife and kids. This man has a pure heart and loves his fellow man. This man will never truly deserve to be married to such a precious gem but will try all of his life to do so. This man is so deeply in love with you.


With you our lives will be a fairytale. We will not settle for ordinary for we will set out to do so many extraordinary things together. We were made for each other.  I hope that we never forget that. You are the reason for who I was, who I am, and who I will become. Even the thought of you fills my entire soul with hope and joy. You are my angel.”

Let You

I have been in Springfield, Missouri, for the last two days. The Purpose of my visit has mainly been to coordinate with the city to make sure we are all on the same page. I have really enjoyed my experience and have learned a great deal in relation to working with the city and local governments. Amidst the work and responsibilities I have here, I also find space for music and down time. Sometimes this just happens at 3:00am when I can’t sleep, or just get so caught up in writing a song that I just keep on going. This song is a product of that.

This song is titled Let You. I created the basic structure of this song back in high school but at the time was unable to create a full and complete version. Maybe it wasn’t really incomplete,  just before its time. Sometimes I look back at my youth and think, “Man, I had some pretty good ideas.” The truth is, I was just a goofy teenager. Its amazing to me to see how the roots I planted and the gifts I have given have truly developed over the years. Sometimes, when we are completely satisfied with our work we just need to give it some time and we will find that the result you were looking for will unveil itself in the future.

It is amazing what you can do with a tiny keyboard and built in microphone.



The Psychology of habits


1 Goal=1 Habit


Why do we form habits?

We form habits so that we can be more efficient and effective. Before a habit is formed we have to make a conscious effort for every process and decision we make. Can you imagine having to make an active decision or have a concentrated effort every time that you tie your shoes in the morning or every time you drive to work. Having to make active decisions can be very taxing on your body and mind. Our brains use habits to decrease mental effort to help you focus your energy on learning and higher level thinking.

Too many goals

We have a tendency to want to change too many things in our lives or try to do too many things at once. Many times resolutions and goals are ineffective because you spread your efforts so thin across a plane that there can be no realistic way of achieving all of them. Instead of being successful with one goal you become discouraged at not being able to fulfill any of your ten goals. There is a way to accomplish a majority of these goals by only focusing your efforts towards one of these things

The Habit chain

The chain link habit doesn’t even need to be the most important habit. It just needs to be a habit that is positively associated with the rest of these habits. Every habit is associated with another related habit.Habits may be the direct result of another habit previously exercised. These associated habits are collected into the same pool and grouping of habits because your brain treats them the same way. E.X.; Smoking, unhealthy eating, not exercising, low self control. These related habits are not only addictions but have the common theme of disregard for your health. If you have a habit of disregarding your health your brain will keep you from making conscious and concentrated efforts on issues related to your health. This association has the same principle for positive habits, e.x.: productivity, responsibility, and confidence in high pressure situations. When you create a habit of being productive, your brain will start associating that activity with similar processes. Your brain tells you that it is important to work hard so subconsciously the first thing you do when you get to work you don’t have to think “What do I need to do next? Or, what can I do to fill my time?” Your habit of productiveness brings you from one task to the next without you really even thinking about it. This habit of productivity helps build and maintain your habit of responsibility. When you are productive you don’t have to work hard to take care of the most important things. Your brain has already prioritized them by what you have used your time to do.

The Power of Habits

By creating and focusing your efforts towards one positive habit, you will subconsciously start a chain of other positively associated habits. This is the power of habits.

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