It starts with just a little spark
A tiny flame within the dark
Enough to light the world around
After doubt our faith is found
It stands for things we do not know
Belief in what we cannot show
But shown by what we do instead
For faith without one’s works is dead
It strives to make a better place
For those among the human race
Impartial to one’s current state
Faith turns something good to great
It wants for those to do their best
And trust that God will do the rest
Once stretched beyond your farthest length
Your faith will be your greatest strength
It fills one’s soul with truth and love
To give all thanks to God above
If life has been this good so far
With faith you’re sure to reach the stars
For that is what we’re meant to do
To be someone you never knew
Becoming better in some way
Faith is you, you are your faith.


What matters most 

There’s something there that makes us start
It’s what inspires your eager heart
To some it plays a bigger part
Than beauty just because it’s art
There’s something there behind our eyes
That makes us search beyond the skies
It’s how we see through many tries
An answer to our very lives
There’s something there inside our feet
That makes us lift from off the seat
We do because we feel the heat
The fire which makes our lives complete
There’s something that we simply know
That tells you where you need to go
Its something you don’t need to show
But being you just makes it so
There’s something in the air we breathe
That tells you what you can achieve
It’s what you drop and what you cleave
And everything which you believe
There are many things we’d like to boast
That make us fly or help us coast
But nothing else comes even close
Than that one thing which matters most

Inner Peace

As you seek for inner peace
You ask for all your fears to cease
For doubt and fear cannot exist
When you are on a quest like this

And of the things that are a must
It’s learning in yourself to trust
For from yourself you cannot hide
But always know deep down inside

How much you did, how far you went
And how of most your time was spent
You are most happy when you feel
The difference that you made was real

Inner peace is not a race
It’s learning to adjust the pace
And making sure by cool collection
your headed in the right direction

You look ahead with eager eyes
And stop along the path sometimes
Never will you lose the chance
Good things will come by circumstance

Inner Peace moves slowly outward
And makes it so you feel empowered
To do what you were meant to do
As long as your best friend is you

Summers song

Summer songs I hear until
A bird flies to my window sill
He beckons me to come along
And leave behind my summer songTo fly away to foreign skies
And come upon the Autumn’s rise
I tell the bird to slow the pace
A smile folds up across his face

He soars up high with all his will
The world below seems calm and still
And though it brings a change in beat
Id rather be on wings than feet

A change with time’s a gift to you
A better chance to catch the view
And different tunes begin to play
As we embrace another day

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