Happy Thoughts

What I stand for

 -to build and never destroy
-admire the best in others
-to seek out better things
-enjoy the small moments
-standing up for the little guy
-making spiritual connections
-finding the Lord in everything
-smiling when its hard
-never give up
-do my best not offend or hurt
-taking time to be grateful
-kissing my mother
-loving the Lord
-choosing to forgive
-trying new things
-being open to other perspectives
-staying true to what I know

Operation recalibration

How to recognize medicated pain
-anxiety with time
-anxiety with situations
-feeling helpless
-feeling tired
-vulnerability leading to dishonesty
-self consciousness
– frustration and stress
-disconnection and distractedness

Transient addiction
-recovers temporarily

Overall solution:
The gospel
•seek the Lord
•take a step back and recalibrate
•What am I feeling, why am I feeling this, how can I change this feeling.

Specific goals in recalibration
-Reduce sleeping pills by trusting the Lord to help me to sleep and rest up
-Not rushing or feeling anctious by recognizing what I believe in and thinking of others
-Reduce self consciousness by thinking of others
– Recognize weeknesses and be open with them
-Trust in the lord

*if you want more, give more


Top Ten:
1) Seeing the gospel bless people’s lives and witnessing goodness.
2) Sharing the gospel and baring testimony
3) Feeling inspired and empowered by the spirit
4) Connecting with others and actually feeling their spirits
5) Being able to truly help someone or bless their lives with a smile
6) Sharing the gifts God has given me and watching others use their gifts (music and witnessing flow)
7) Learning new things such as spiritual truths and feeling progression
8) Creating by all definitions: art, ideas, activities and programs)
9) Witnessing God’s hand in all things
10) Overcoming trials and challenges and feeling strengthened by Christ.



It feels great to be here with the family in St. George. I hope to focus this weekend on those specific things that I am grateful for. I then I am going to create a plan on how I can show my gratitude to God for these gifts he has given me. I will also focus on strengthening family bonds and taking the time to help out and be responsible.


Church today was inspired and designed by God. The messages given spoke straight to my heart and I was filled.

Here are a few lessons learned:


1) honesty and commitment
2) trust
3) emotional and spiritual intimacy
(love, being loves, joy)
4) non sexual physical affection
5) sexual affection

The lord requires more and more as we give more and he gives more

If you want more you you have to give more.
Risk honesty and commitment (faith)
-giving up self
– vulnerable before Christ

Addiction is the number one medication of pain
-substance addiction and process addictions
All addictions are relationships-counterfeit
More covenants
-only addiction I should have is to righteousness

Don’t give yourself counterfeit medications

My counterfeit medications:
-sleeping pills

Real medications
-seek connections
-connecting experiences
–the lord (prayer and scripture
– others (honesty and share feelings)
–yourself (music, free exercise, learning, reflection, recalibration)

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