Screen Shot 2013-10-15 at 3.13.05 PM
It starts with just a little spark
A tiny flame within the dark
Enough to light the world around
After doubt our faith is found
It stands for things we do not know
Belief in what we cannot show
But shown by what we do instead
For faith without one’s works is dead
It strives to make a better place
For those among the human race
Impartial to one’s current state
Faith turns something good to great
It wants for those to do their best
And trust that God will do the rest
Once stretched beyond your farthest length
Your faith will be your greatest strength
It fills one’s soul with truth and love
To give all thanks to God above
If life has been this good so far
With faith you’re sure to reach the stars
For that is what we’re meant to do
To be someone you never knew
Becoming better in some way
Faith is you, you are your faith

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