They say it comes and goes
But no one even knows
The feelings deep inside your heart
One day you seem to glow
The next you’re down below
So tell me why is love so hard
Love is not perfect, but brother it’s worth it
My hearts about to break
From every small mistake
Until I see how much I’ve grown
I’m happy and I’m strong
And soon I will belong
I’m sure one day I’ll find a home
Love is not perfect, but brother it’s worth it
I was scared and lost until the moment that I saw your face
Then you filled my soul and turned my world into a wondrous place
Love we have come so far
Love don’t forget who you are
A penny and a note
Which both of them had wrote
A funny way for it to start
A boy behind a boat can finally stay afloat
When love fills up his longing heart.
Love is not perfect, but brother it’s worth it
Behind all the hurtin’, it’s good and its certain
To right all the wrongs
And make you feel that you belong.

His House


What God would say if he were here
For through his servants God will speak
That is why we come each week
We came so we could feel his love
And make it him we’re thinking of
Instead of all the dark and bleak
That is why we come each week
We came so wisdom all could share
And show him that we truly care
To gain perspective and technique
That is why we come each week
We came so we could cleanse our souls
And fill the cracks and all the holes
To build ourselves where we are weak
That is why we come each week
We came so we could prove him right
By coming we are filled with light
Each made a person quite unique
That is why we come each week
To come for one’s an easy choice
Just listen to the spirit’s voice
If these are things indeed we seek
His holy house we’ll be each week


It starts with just a little spark
A tiny flame within the dark
Enough to light the world around
After doubt our faith is found
It stands for things we do not know
Belief in what we cannot show
But shown by what we do instead
For faith without one’s works is dead
It strives to make a better place
For those among the human race
Impartial to one’s current state
Faith turns something good to great
It wants for those to do their best
And trust that God will do the rest
Once stretched beyond your farthest length
Your faith will be your greatest strength
It fills one’s soul with truth and love
To give all thanks to God above
If life has been this good so far
With faith you’re sure to reach the stars
For that is what we’re meant to do
To be someone you never knew
Becoming better in some way
Faith is you, you are your faith.

Becoming Something

In contrast to the institutions of the world, which teach us to know something, the gospel of Jesus Christ challenges us to become something…The gospel of Jesus Christ is the plan by which we can become what children of God are supposed to become. -Elder Dallin H. Oaks

It is a constant struggle for me to become what I know I can become. By living the gospel of Jesus Christ I know that each one of us can become something great.

What I stand for

What I stand for

 -to build and never destroy
-admire the best in others
-to seek out better things
-enjoy the small moments
-standing up for the little guy
-making spiritual connections
-finding the Lord in everything
-smiling when its hard
-never give up
-do my best not offend or hurt
-taking time to be grateful
-kissing my mother
-loving the Lord
-choosing to forgive
-trying new things
-being open to other perspectives
-staying true to what I know

Operation Recalibration

Operation recalibration

How to recognize medicated pain
-anxiety with time
-anxiety with situations
-feeling helpless
-feeling tired
-vulnerability leading to dishonesty
-self consciousness
– frustration and stress
-disconnection and distractedness

Transient addiction
-recovers temporarily

Overall solution:
The gospel
•seek the Lord
•take a step back and recalibrate
•What am I feeling, why am I feeling this, how can I change this feeling.

Specific goals in recalibration
-Reduce sleeping pills by trusting the Lord to help me to sleep and rest up
-Not rushing or feeling anctious by recognizing what I believe in and thinking of others
-Reduce self consciousness by thinking of others
– Recognize weeknesses and be open with them
-Trust in the lord

*if you want more, give more

What matters most

What matters most

There’s something there that makes us start
It’s what inspires your eager heart
To some it plays a bigger part you sound mad add that I know now it’s gone Meanian ravens I died my hands and mad dial dial add add all of New Orleans Gaileen gone me all along
Than beauty just because it’s art

There’s something there behind our eyes
That makes us search beyond the skies
It’s how we see through many tries
An answer to our very lives

There’s something there inside our feet
That makes us lift from off the seat
We do because we feel the heat
The fire which makes our lives complete

There’s something that we simply know
That tells you where you need to go
Its something you don’t need to show
But being you just makes it so

There’s something in the air we breathe
That tells you what you can achieve
It’s what you drop and what you cleave
And everything which you believe

There are many things we’d like to boast
That make us fly or help us coast
But nothing else comes even close
Than that one thing which matters most

From One Explorer To Another