My Greatest Goal

My greatest goal

Upon finding this video I began to reflect on the importance of the role of the father. A good father teaches his children to be the best they can be and motivates them to make the right choices. Being a good father is one who not only provides for his family, but is one that gives his full heart to the growth and success of his children. I am so grateful for a father who raised me to believe in myself and teach my to seek after all that is good.

My greatest goal in life is to be the best dad that I can be. I am so excited to be a dad and participate in God’s greatest gift. I am preparing myself so when that day comes I am ready. In preparation I wrote a letter to my future eternal companion. This is an excerpt:

“I haven’t met you yet because I am not ready. I have felt so strongly in the last couple months a prompting that I need to become a man. At times I have misinterpreted these feelings by thinking I need to get eat a dozen eggs, learn to box, chop down a tree, or grow facial hair, but deep down I know what it really means. It means that I need to be the man that can one day have the privilege and blessing of taking care of a beautiful daughter of God. This man is a righteous priesthood holder who prioritizes his duty to God high above anything else. This man will do anything for the love of his life and for his family. This man is an amazing father who provides true security and welfare to his wife and kids. This man has a pure heart and loves his fellow man. This man will never truly deserve to be married to such a precious gem but will try all of his life to do so. This man is so deeply in love with you.


With you our lives will be a fairytale. We will not settle for ordinary for we will set out to do so many extraordinary things together. We were made for each other.  I hope that we never forget that. You are the reason for who I was, who I am, and who I will become. Even the thought of you fills my entire soul with hope and joy. You are my angel.”

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