Doors of Opportunity

 In the last couple years I have seen how opportunity presents itself. Opportunity first presents itself as a result of desire. If I have no desire to seek out new and different outcomes, how could anything be a true opportunity? The desire to find opportunity is a desire to learn and grow. Opportunity is the door to greatness and therefor presents itself as a door.

Different Doors

There are many different types of doors. The status of the doors of opportunity is always variable to timing and “fit”. Many doors are open and have been open for quite some time. Some doors are closed and just need to be opened. Other times, the doors remain locked and can’t be unlocked until the timing is right. Some doors are opened and for whatever reason we find that it may not have been the right door. Then there are the “new” doors, or doors that have just been unlocked or opened a crack. These doors are the doors of opportunity

 Follow the Doors

The doors of opportunity open up rooms of adventure and excitement. If you seize the opportunity, these doors will open and unlock new doors. A life blessed with opportunity doesn’t end with a room. There is always a door around the corner. All you have to do is open it. Follow the doors.

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