Top Ten things that make me happy

Top Ten:
1) Seeing the gospel bless people’s lives and witnessing goodness.
2) Sharing the gospel and baring testimony
3) Feeling inspired and empowered by the spirit
4) Connecting with others and actually feeling their spirits
5) Being able to truly help someone or bless their lives with a smile
6) Sharing the gifts God has given me and watching others use their gifts (music and witnessing flow)
7) Learning new things such as spiritual truths and feeling progression
8) Creating by all definitions: art, ideas, activities and programs)
9) Witnessing God’s hand in all things
10) Overcoming trials and challenges and feeling strengthened by Christ.


The Daily 5

The Daily 5

Bread of life (Scriptures)

  • Moroni 10. Excellent testimony booster

A new friend

  • Ana from church. Really nice girl from Las Vegas.

A lesson learned

  • WOW. Spiritual Recalibration

An act of service

  • Helped stack chairs from church meeting

5 prayers

  • Be strong in putting off bad habits
  • Bless those who need comfort and look for truth
  • Be safe and guided
  • Go to bed with out sleeping pills
  • Do well in school tomorrow and feel connected to friends and experiences

Experience Johnny

While I fail to express myself in word or thought there is a world of color that defines the essence of my being. Life is an experience, what we choose to experience. I would like to share my experiences with I have found to be some of life’s greatest gifts: the gift of art, the gift of music, the gift of knowledge, the gift of friendship, the gift of belief, and the gift of experience.


From One Explorer To Another